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Information for Vendors and Patrons

For the Vendor:

Single or double tables are available, including for day rent rates.

Cost for the season from early May through mid-October is $100 or $5 per day.

Open: Fridays 4-7pm


Please download the application PDF attached to the bottom of this page.


What you will find at the Market

Raw Agricultural Products: This category includes fruits, vegetables, grains,
herbs, flowers, bedding plants and potted plants. Bedding plants and potted plants
must be grown from seed, plug, cutting, bulbs or bare root, and be well established
in its current container, by the seller. No resale of pre-finished plants is allowed.

Value-added Agricultural Products: This category includes products made of
raw agricultural products grown/raised/produced by a Cherokee International Market vendor that have been
processed. Examples are jams and jellies, salsas, oils, soups, vinegars, baked goods, cider,
molasses, ice cream, tamales, sandwiches, nuts, etc., and similar
processed products that may not be covered by other CIM rules. Vendors of value-added
products must abide by all applicable federal, state, and local health and label
regulations. If value added products would be enhanced by
additional items such as condiments, bread products, fruits or vegetables, etc., CIM encourages every
effort be made to obtain the additional items locally, preferably from other
CIM vendors.

Non-agricultural Products: This category includes farm, garden, or food related
crafts and value-added agricultural products made without raw agricultural products
grown by the member. Examples include: baked goods,
handmade soap, other garden related products, pottery and
similar items. The member selling them must have created these items. These
products are admitted at the discretion of the management, for members in good standing

Artists and Entrepreneurs: arts made by artists as well as homemade creative products by self-motivated entrepreneurs!


For the patron: 

At the market will be neighborhood and regional farmers, and other food producers.

Other area farmers and vendors will be marketing their knowledgeable experience at the community market.

Please stop by on Friday to browse and enjoy the Cherokee Farmers Market!


Vendor agreement 


File Attachment: