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How To Choose The Paint That Your House Needs

Choosing Paint For House Painting Roseville CA

Choosing the paint for your home goes beyond deciding on a color. There are several elements that must be considered to obtain the desired quality. Each house and owner has specific needs, do you really know yours? The following tips will allow you to make that decision.


Covers blemishes and adheres properly to any texture.


Due to its delicate appearance, it provides elegance to the interior.


It increases the luminosity of the places and also allows cleaning with soap and water.

Classifying Paint

Water-Based Paint

It is the most used and recommended on the market because anyone can do wonders with it. Thanks to its main component, it dries immediately, has no concentrated odors, and can be applied in different textures. Its use is recommended for interiors since it does not have enough capacity to withstand the weather conditions. 

Synthetic Paint

These types of paints are a chemical combination of synthetic resins and oils that require a solvent to dilute. They are the most resistant on the market, so they are used outdoors and other types of materials such as wood and metals. They are also available in a matte, satin and glossy finish, but unlike water, they take longer to dry.


Synthetic paints are ideal for high wear areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, stairs, and outdoors. As well as furniture and infrastructure exposed to damage or weathering. Although they have a more pungent odor, they have better finishes than water-based paints besides that its cleaning is simple.

Paint Color

Start With An Inspiration

Compose a board for every room and start pinning rooms that grab your eye so you’ll get a feeling for what you are attracted to color and style-wise.

Stick With Neutrals

Color is great, but you have to initially determine where you want the recognition in a room to go and just don’t close up with too many things playing.

General Guidelines

Painters Roseville CA

Westworld Painting Roseville CA offers thousands of colors to choose from for all your interior and exterior decorating needs or let us create a custom color match to suit your style.

Balance And Harmony

Most color schemes are improved by the addition of accents, the final touches that can make a room come to life. 

Proportion And Contrast

Practice color to generate an illusion. Colour can highlight the good points of a room and cover defects.

Matching Tones And Gloss Level

If you plan to use dark colors, use a flat or low sheen paint. If you would like a gloss finish, consider using a light color to minimize the appearance of surface defects

Helpful Tips To Customize Your House Painting Process

House Painting Tips Roseville CA

Do not paint on those days when it is hotter or with excess humidity.

This is because depending on weather conditions in Roseville, you will have to wait longer for the painted surface to dry. If you’re not in too much of a hurry, then you don’t need to take the weather into account.

Light up the place you are going to paint

Thanks to good lighting, you will be able to see if there are parts that are not covered with paint, appreciate the chosen color better, and above all, observe small errors. It should be remembered that an orange light can deceive when it comes to seeing color, so we recommend white lights if you use artificial light. Without a doubt, the best option is to take advantage of the natural light of the space to see the tonality.

Paint from top to bottom in Roseville

If you do not know how to paint your house, the easiest way is to paint from top to bottom. As previously mentioned, the paint is more likely to drip down.

Don’t use a lot of paint

The layers that you apply on the wall must be thin, that is why applying thick layers of paint in order to do it quickly will achieve slower drying, and even small bubbles may appear in the result.

Apply little paint and, if necessary, prepare a second coat or more, to achieve a perfect finish.

Apply a new layer

Ventilate the room after painting, so the paint dries, and the odor goes away. Plastic usually paints dry after 6 hours of application (always depending on the humidity of the environment) in case the paint is enamel, follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Now that you know how to paint your house, thanks to these tips, if you want to know how we professionals do it, do not hesitate to contact us.

How To Paint The Room In One Day

Painting Tips in Roseville CA

It is possible to paint a room in a few hours if you know the tricks of professional painters. Today, we bring you some tips to paint a room in just one day. Remember to always clean the area well before painting in Roseville.

Use less adhesive tape

You have probably noticed that applying adhesive tape to all edges takes a long time and does not guarantee good results; paint can sneak between the tape and the wall. This is why, if you do not have enough time and you are in a hurry to paint any of the rooms in your home, just put adhesive tape on horizontal surfaces (such as baseboards), where a few drops of paint could finish and ruin your new wall.

Vertical surfaces like the door and window sills are not as vulnerable to splashing, so don’t bother putting tape on them. Just be sure to paint carefully using a small brush around the frames.

Clean your walls

You may not notice it, but your walls are likely to have accumulated dirt and dust. Clean the walls with a towel, making sure to reach the corners near the ceiling since this area is where dust accumulates. Believe us, and it is much better to do this, even if it seems like a waste of time, otherwise you can drag dust particles along with the paint.

Apply a base coat, no excuses

Unless you are painting a new room, never painted before, it is recommended to apply a base coat, even if the current color of the walls is light. This is a really necessary step since it allows the paint to adhere well to the surface without you having to make a great effort when painting.

Always remember to give two coats of paint.

Two coats of paintwork very well in almost any case. They give a professional and clean finish. It can be very tempting to stop after a coat of paint, especially if the walls seem to be completely covered (and you don’t have much time left), but the paint may eventually fade in certain places.

Have a strategy to paint your house

Have all the necessary objects on hand: paint trays, two rollers (one for the base coat and one for the paint), brushes, and cans with the colors you chose, gloves, newspaper … First, cover the walls with the base coat. Wait a reasonable time for it to dry, and then apply a coat of paint to the surface of the walls, from top to bottom. Do the exact same thing with the second coat of paint.

Finally, use a medium-sized brush to carefully paint the edges and edges of the windows. It can be monotonous, but if you carry out your plan, you can paint an entire room in one day.